cheap web hosting auto install

cheap web hosting

auto install of open softwares and

100mb chennai india hosting web space free open softwares installed.

More databases free and more offers coming on the way.

Free 100mb Linux Web Hosting

PHP Nuke
PHP Nuke
Zen Cart
Cube Cart
OS Commerce

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Reliable solutions for Web Designing Web Hosting

Reliable solutions for Web Designing Web Hosting

Web space       100 Mb
Emails     40 Pop3
Price Per year     Rs 3200
monthly bandwidth     2 Gb

Server’s Features
– Cgi-Bin
– Internet Information Service 5
– PHP 4.2x
– Microsoft DNS Server
– JScript / Java Script 5.6
– VBScript 5.5

ASP Components
– ASPSmartUpload
-Web Statistics (Live Stat)

Database Support
– DB Flat File
– MsSQL 2000

Advanced Features
– Real Audio Streaming (via http)
– Macromedia Flash

Email Features
– Web Mail ( iMail Server 7.10)
– POP3 Email Accounts
– Unlimited Email Aliases
– Email Forwarding
– Auto Responder
– Vacation Responder
– Catch All E-Mails

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Accepts ticket of web hosting issues , enquiry about enabling any features for any product bought in our hosting.

Domain registration and transfer of domain problems can also be opened a ticket in

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Article Promotion Services (Writing + Submission Both Included)

In Today’s SEO Market Article Submission is key for SEO if you want to get quality backlinks and increase in traffic too. Article Submissions not only gives you quality backlinks with one way link traffic but also it ensure your better presence in SERP (Search Engine Results Page) of Google, Yahoo & MSN Sort of biggest search engines of the market.

Our SEO Specialists not only submit your articles to the best article directories but also they do article writing sort of massive content writing  related to your website for the submission purpose also at NO EXTRA COST. Thus our Article Submission Packages are combo packs which includes both writing and submission services. Our Article Submission Distribution List contains more than 1000+ article directories thus every article submission done by us is being spread over approx. 500-900 articles directories per article as a minimum as some of the directories sometime don’t have appropriate categories for your articles thus in practical articles goes to approx. 500-900 per article.

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Search Engine Submission

In our Search Engine Submission package our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialist submit your website to World’s Top 100 approx. search engines along with approx. 30 major Indian Search Engines thus we submit your website to both National & International Search Engines in this package. This is economical plan of just Rs. 500/- (one time only)  recommended & is beneficial to you if you just launched your new website a few hrs/ days back itself and worried to get your website listed in search engines.

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hosting offer 3 packages

Domain Name Registration & Web Hosting Solutions by

Free Domain Name With Linux Web Hosting!
Providing Free Domain Name with Linux Web Hosting package.
An entire web presence, a website URL, Email functionality, & web hosting space for one year. Free Domain name of .com/.net/.org domain extensions.

Domain Name + 100MB Linux Web Hosting @ Rs. 800 (US$ 20) per year
Domain Name + 250MB Linux Web Hosting @ Rs. 900 (US$ 21) per year
Domain Name + 500MB Linux Web Hosting @ Rs. 1200 (US$ 27) per year

Linux Hosting features::
20-25GB monthly data transfer * 100 to Unlimited Sub domains * 200 to Unlimited POP Mail ID * Web based mail * Auto responder * Mail forward *mailing list * spam filters * spam assassin * My SQL database * CGI * PHP * PERL * Video And Audio Streaming * Shopping Cart * phpmyadmin * Hotlink protection * FrontPage extension * custom error pages * password protected directories * Web managed File manager * Custom Cron Jobs * Custom MIME Types * Download/Upload Backup File * Search Engines Submit * Awstats * Analog Latest Visitors * Bandwidth Monitor * Error Log * Download Raw Access Logs * DNS Lookup * Random HTML * Form mail * Guest Book * Free Counter * Clock * Fantastico & “Cpanel” control panel.

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FREE hosting

100 MB Free Web Space
Plenty of room to store web pages, pictures and more.
1.2GB Bandwidth
More than enough transfer to handle traffic on your site.

FTP Access
You have the freedom to create the website you want.

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Windows hosting offer

Windows hosting offer

100 MB Space
Full Control Panel
1 GB/month data transfer
25 POP3 Boxes
Windows 2000 Server SP2
iMail 7.06 SMTP, POP3, IMAP4
Media House LiveStats 5.03
Access DB
ActivePerl 5.6x
PHP 4.1.2
MDAC 2.7I-DevMailer
SA FileUP 3.2x
ASPUpload 2.0

All at low cost cheap web hosting servers and reliable server.

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What is a Domain Name?

One of the most popular reasons to have a domain name is to have a personalized email, either for your business or for personal reasons. Choosing a domain name is an important part of the overall marketing process. As soon as a domain name is registered to a person or company, it’s theirs to use exclusively as long as their fees are paid, whether it be monthly, quarterly or annually. When choosing the right domain name, remember it is your identity on the internet, making the right choice is an essential part of the process. It is important to choose wisely and if possible choose a name that is relevant to your business, you want a name that is easy to remember, short and if possible the name of your site. Once you begin this process you may find that your first choice of a domain name is not available. However you will be given several other name suggestions by the registration company, alternately find an expired or for sale domain name. A domain name is considerably easier to remember than a sequence of random numbers or letters, it is the text name corresponding to the IP address of a computer on the Internet. A domain name is a name that allows others on the Internet to find your web site easily. For example when a domain name is typed into a web browser, the name server associates that with the IP address and the correct web site opens in the web browser.

A domain name is a valuable corporate asset, it is important to protect domain registration. The worth of a domain name is high, and there is no limit to just how high its value could be and in today’s climate a domain name is as important as your business license. One of the reasons for the high value of domain names relevant to a specific business, is that even without advertising or marketing, they attract clients seeking services and products who simply type in the generic name. Once your domain name is registered it then it needs to be hosted by a reputable hosting company. Domain name hosting means your domain is hosted on a secure server which allows you to use your chosen domain online, this then allows your website to appear on the Internet. A name server is a computer that tells where a domain name is located.

The web host is the most important part of any website because this is where you create and publish your pages, build order forms, add functionality and maintain your site. A fully developed website includes fresh, new content which gets your domain indexed in popular search engines.

There are a number of low-cost web services that will not only register your domain name, but also set up email and websites for you, complete with e-commerce capabilities.

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How to Choose the Best Domain Names

A domain name is an identity for your website. Choosing the right domain name definitely helps you to build a strong web presence for your website.

Here are 5 easy tips to help you choose your right domain name.

1. A Descriptive Domain name – Your domain name should reflect what your web site or your business is about.

2. An Easy to Remember Domain Name – Your domain name should be memorable and easy for visitors to recall and type into their web site browser.

3. A Short Domain Name – Shorter domain names are easier to remember, easier to type. Long domain name is prone to typo when visitors type into their browser.

4. An Easy to Pronounce Domain Name – Your domain name should be easy to pronounce too; so that your visitors can easily spell it correctly the first time.

5. Register Your Domain Name Now – Once you have thought of a good domain name, quickly go grab it. Register your domain name before someone else does

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