What is a Domain Name?

One of the most popular reasons to have a domain name is to have a personalized email, either for your business or for personal reasons. Choosing a domain name is an important part of the overall marketing process. As soon as a domain name is registered to a person or company, it’s theirs to use exclusively as long as their fees are paid, whether it be monthly, quarterly or annually. When choosing the right domain name, remember it is your identity on the internet, making the right choice is an essential part of the process. It is important to choose wisely and if possible choose a name that is relevant to your business, you want a name that is easy to remember, short and if possible the name of your site. Once you begin this process you may find that your first choice of a domain name is not available. However you will be given several other name suggestions by the registration company, alternately find an expired or for sale domain name. A domain name is considerably easier to remember than a sequence of random numbers or letters, it is the text name corresponding to the IP address of a computer on the Internet. A domain name is a name that allows others on the Internet to find your web site easily. For example when a domain name is typed into a web browser, the name server associates that with the IP address and the correct web site opens in the web browser.

A domain name is a valuable corporate asset, it is important to protect domain registration. The worth of a domain name is high, and there is no limit to just how high its value could be and in today’s climate a domain name is as important as your business license. One of the reasons for the high value of domain names relevant to a specific business, is that even without advertising or marketing, they attract clients seeking services and products who simply type in the generic name. Once your domain name is registered it then it needs to be hosted by a reputable hosting company. Domain name hosting means your domain is hosted on a secure server which allows you to use your chosen domain online, this then allows your website to appear on the Internet. A name server is a computer that tells where a domain name is located.

The web host is the most important part of any website because this is where you create and publish your pages, build order forms, add functionality and maintain your site. A fully developed website includes fresh, new content which gets your domain indexed in popular search engines.

There are a number of low-cost web services that will not only register your domain name, but also set up email and websites for you, complete with e-commerce capabilities.





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